Celebrate living with dogs in China with #LivingDogs

2016-06-02 Caesar PENNYS班尼食物研究所

#LivingDogs is a humane campaign and photo competition to celebrate living with dogs in China.  Post images of yourself and your dogs enjoying life together.  It's that simple.  

#LivingDogs is here to remind the world that there is plenty of life and love for dogs in China too.

Win Penny's Products:  

The top 100 images in China selected as winners will receive a Penny's gift pack containing fresh food, treats, and bones. 

The winners of the top 5 images will receive 15kg of fresh food each! 


#LivingDogs @PennysStudio with your images.  Screenshot and send to Penny's OA.  


#LivingDogs @PennysFoodStudio 

with your images.


#LivingDogs @PennysFoodStudio  

with your images.

#LivingDogs runs from June 2nd - 23rd.  Please post, share, and celebrate dogs' lives!

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